Shipping Specs (Approx)
• FDA Approved
• CE Certified
• Protection From Upper Respiratory Viruses
• Features an Approximate 95% Filter Rate
• Barrier From Airborne Illnesses
• Includes Metal Nose Clip

Five Layers of Material Include
• 50 GSM Non-Woven
• 25 GSM Melt-Blown-Woven
• 25 GSM Melt-Bown-Woven
• 50 GSM Hot Air Cotton
• 30 GSM Non-Woven

N95 NIOSH masks in stock

Each face mask respirator features cushioning nose foam with an adjustable metal nosepiece for comfort. Two strap design helps provide a secure seal.

Filter safety masks can be used in the following industries: Commercial Buildings, Construction, Design & Construction, Food Processing, Food Safety, General Manufacturing, Heavy Infrastructure, Mining, Oil & Gas, Transportation, etc.

N95 Mask is lightweight in construction to promote greater worker acceptance and may help increase wear time.

3-PLY PPE Disposable masks in stock

This single-use disposable COVID mask covers the wearer’s nose and mouth, providing a general physical barrier to protect the wearer from the environment, and the environment from the wearer. Made with a built-in adjustable wire nose piece and elastic band ear loops to help fit securely to your face.